Clients and Projects

Clients & Projects

Bio-Tech Consulting is headquarted in Orlando, Fla. with offices across the state and Southeast. We proud of our relationships with all of our clients, and our entire team takes it to heart to help each and every project through to successful completion with minimal disruptions or delays. Bio-Tech Consulting’s clients and projects range from single-family residences to large government installations.

A few featured projects we would like to share:

All Aboard Florida

Central Florida to South Florida

Florida East Coast Industries (FECI) is developing a privately owned, operated and maintained intercity passenger rail service that will give business and leisure passengers a new convenient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to travel between South Florida and Central Florida. Bio-Tech Consulting is coordinating the project’s overall environmental consulting efforts among several agencies and firms.

Camino Reale DRI

Orange County

Camino Reale DRI is a ±4,200-acre project in southern Orange County, Fla. Bio-Tech Consulting is in the process of finalizing a Conservation Area Determination with Orange County Environmental Division on approximately 2,300 acres of the site. Additionally, we are pursuing a Formal Wetland Determination through the South Florida Water Management District and seeking approval of a Development of Regional Impact (DRI) for the northern 1,032 acres of the site.

DRI will include ±358 acres of wetland and ±76 acres of upland preservation. The project includes extensive wildlife surveys to identify protected species, including gopher tortoises and Florida Sandhill Cranes. BTC will continue to pursue permits from the FFWCC for gopher tortoises, SWFMWD for an Environmental Resource Permit (ERP), Orange County Environmental Resource Division for a Conservation Area Impact Permit, and the Army Corp of Engineers for a Dredge and Fill Permit.

Landstone Communities DRI

Sumter County

Landstone Communities DRI is a 4,130-acre Development of Regional Impact (DRI) located in Sumter County, Florida. Bio-Tech Consulting acquired approval for a Wetland Jurisdiction for 400.27 acres from Southwest Florida Water Management District. Our team also conducted extensive wildlife surveys on the DRI site to identify protected species. These species include gopher tortoises, Southeastern American Kestrels, Florida Scrub-jays and Florida Sandhill Cranes.

The DRI has a 4.1-acre Archeological Preserve and ±635 acres of upland preservation for protected species. Furthermore, the Landstone Communities DRI continues to generate income from cattle leases and private hunt leases during the permitting process.

Camp Blanding

Clay County

Camp Blanding Joint Training Center (CBJTC) is home to the Florida National Guard based in Clay County, Florida. Bio-Tech Consulting conducted extensive T&E Species Surveys on a ±20,000-acre study area from August – December, 2008. The study area consists of pristine native habitat communities: turkey oak – pine sand hills, sand pine/oak scrubs, pine flatwoods, seepage slope wetlands and forested and herbaceous wetlands. Formal surveys were conducted for Scrub-jays, Sherman’s fox squirrels, Southeastern American Kestrels, Florida mice, gopher frogs, Black Creek crayfish, black bear and protected flora of the region.

Middlesex Material Storage

Orange County

The Middlesex Materials Storage Facility is a +60-acre project in southern Orange County, Florida. This project included significant issues, including unavoidable impacts to +40 acres of highly degraded wetlands. Bio-Tech Consulting addressed these impacts and appropriate compensation to satisfy the regulatory criteria of several agencies.

Acquired permits included the Conservation Area Impact (CAI), Environmental Resource (ERP), and Dredge and Fill permits from Orange County, South Florida Water Management District and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, respectively. The completion of the project allowed for delivery by train and on-site storage of aggregate material. This virtually eliminated deliveries by heavy-truck that previously occurred between the closest supply facility in downtown Orlando and the project site. The reduction of deliveries by truck improved roadway safety and reduced costs associated with roadway maintenance and repair.