– as successful bidder Bio-Tech Consulting will help reduce density and canopy cover to help restore habitats for native plants and animals –

ORLANDO, Fla. – Bio-Tech Consulting Inc., a full-service environmental consulting firm headquartered in Orlando, Fla. and serving clients throughout Florida and the Southeastern United States, today announced that it was the successful bidder for the Balm Boyette Scrub Nature Preserve Canopy Reduction project initiated by the Hillsborough County Parks, Recreation and Conservation Department. The project aims to reduce the density and canopy cover of hardwood trees and sand pines at the Balm Boyette Scrub Nature Preserve in Hillsborough County.

The purpose of the habitat restoration project is to improve the quality of conditions for gopher tortoises, Florida scrub jays and other wildlife and native plant species throughout the preserve. The work area is approximately 41 acres in the central portion of the Balm Boyette Scrub Nature Preserve, which provides oak scrub habitats to the area’s flora and fauna.

“Working with Hillsborough County on restoring these valuable oak scrub habitats is an important part of enhancing the local populations of several endangered or threatened species of wildlife and plants,” said John Miklos, president of Bio-Tech Consulting. “We’re happy to be onboard for this project, and Bio-Tech Consulting will utilize the skills and expertise of its Tampa-based employees to help guide and oversee this project.”

Per requirements of the bid, habitat restoration work must begin no earlier than December 1, 2014 and be concluded by February 28, 2015.

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