– Seminole County Board of County Commissioners awarded bid for habitat restoration and
mechanical treatment of burn zones –

ORLANDO, Fla. – Bio-Tech Consulting Inc., a full-service environmental consulting firm serving clients throughout Florida and the Southeastern United States, today announced that it won a bid for gopher tortoise habitat restoration from the Seminole County Board of County Commissioners. The bid calls for the mechanical treatment of burn zones within the Lake Proctor Wilderness Area near the town of Geneva, Fla.

To maintain healthy gopher tortoise habitats, the land is dependent on regular, prescribed burns. Bio-Tech Consulting’s restoration services across approximately 47 acres of the Lake Proctor Wilderness Area will include mowing perimeter fire lines and removing trees along the shoulder to allow for safe and effective burns.

Per requirements of the bid, all mowing must be done to a natural grade via mulching or rotary blade-type mower to reduce vegetation, and any trees in the shoulder shall be removed to ground level. All mechanical treatment work of the burn zones is to be completed by May 1, 2014.

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